newworld9Welcome to Dessert Pervert!  I chose this name because sometimes I love dessert more than seems natural. It is rare that I go a day without a sweet treat, if not two or three! I do love dessert a lot, but be warned, I won’t eat just anything that crosses my path willy nilly. There are only so many opportunities to eat in a day and won’t throw one away for some crap Twinkie.

The world of dessert is complex and subtle like a fine wine. The flake and buttery sensation of a good croissant, the smooth and deep eggy richness of a custard, the sweet, yet balanced floral syrup of a baklava, there is so much to take in and appreciate. Here on dessert pervert I will do just that— Share and evaluate my favourite tasty finds, recipes, as well as cafés and restaurants.

Despite my obvious love for the sucre. I do eat regular food too, so you may find some savoury delights on here just to offer the odd reprieve for your taste buds.