This place is really just a tiny nook you could over look but they make unbelievable scones, house-made jams, and offer a very affordable afternoon tea. It includes a lot less than say the Shangri-La but only costs a humble $17.50

People know them for unique flavours like banana-bourbon vanilla bean, Meyer lemon and chamomile, or black and blue which features blueberry, blackberry and lavender.

The shop is named after the husband & wife who own it. I tried not to read too much into that relationship… Moving on, their focus is house-made jams in the French style, with no preservatives, which are sold in jars to take home. However it’s better to try them on a jumbo flaky scone with clotted cream. Taking them to go will end up being a lot cheaper but dining in for the capricious tea time experience is totally worth the extra few dollars.

They don’t take reservations, and there are only two tables, so you will either have to get lucky or be patient. The perk of waiting for a table, however, is that you can taste your way through their line-up of confitures while you wait. Things could be worse.